Monsters, brutality and disruption are eating at the Centra Wrestling Federation.  As events in the CWF approach a tipping point, a mysterious VAGABOND WARRIOR appears.  But is he a hero who saves the day or a villain who destroys the CWF once and for all?

Find out in FUTURE SHOCK 2118, the 4th installment of the Future Shock series, coming this spring. Future Shock: Centra Wrestling Federation 2118 is the latest release in our Champions of the Galaxy product line and will continue the exciting story of wrestlers from an alternate GWF timeline finding a new home in Centra.  VAGABOND WARRIOR will be one of 12 cards in the upcoming set, along with 3 Future Shock cards that are part of the first installment of Champions of the Galaxy Prime.  That’s 15 total cards to enhance your CWF!

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Legendary Ladies 3, Best of the Indies 2023 and Future Shock 2118 and the 1st installment of Promoter Prime will begin shipping in late April.