This weekend July 10-11 will be the 30th anniversary of edition of GalactiCon, but it will be one that everyone around the world can attend for the first time.  With the need to move GalactiCon to a virtual setting, it will allow for the largest Filsinger Games gathering of all time.  It will also allow us to welcome special guests, such as our headline guest on Sunday July 11th Darryl Banks.  Besides being the GWF game artist is a well renowned comic artist, most know for his work on Green Lantern, but also with a number of other exciting projects going on.

GalactiCon 2020 will have all the regular events of a typical GCon.  There will be tournaments for all game lines, along with a women’s tournament representing all game lines.  As usual there will be a trivia contest and charity auction. Also there will be separate Q&As for Champions of the Galaxy, Legends and Indies, with all the creators discussing the latest happenings and answering your questions.  To take part in GalactiCon, there are 2 different ticket options available:

  • The Full Convention ticket is available now through Thursday July 9th at 8PM EDT for $10 and will include entry into the GalactiCon tournaments. Access will cut off after 8PM Eastern on July 9th, so that all attendees can be placed in tournaments and be informed of their tournament schedule prior to the start of the convention.
  • There is also a $7 ticket, which will be available all throughout the weekend, will include access to all non-tournament events.
  • Both tickets will include a Special Limited Edition GalactiCon attendee only card for Akuma the Ninja, both physically and for COTGonline, which will not be available after the event.

When getting your GalactiCon tickets, make sure to get the GalactiCon special releases. In addition to the main event, GWF Origins 2136, there are Legends Cards for the Long Riders (“Wild” Bill Irwin and Scott “Hog” Irwin) and a Special Edition card for James Storm.  Digital versions of these game cards for Filsinger Games Online, along with a PDF Handbook for 2136 are now available to buy, so you are ready for GalactiCon weekend.  To order click HERE.