The next name in the Tragos and Thesz Set 4, is 2014 Inductee Wilbur Snyder.  Hailing from Southern California, Snyder had aspirations of becoming a pro football player, but in the offseason parlayed his collegiate wrestling experience into the pro wrestling world.  With wrestling being more lucrative he decided to switch paths and became a revolutionary force in pro wrestling.  Early in his career he got to challenge Lou Thesz on more than one occasion. Although he did not win a championship those nights, he certainly won his share over the years.  While he certainly earned his nickname, “The World’s Most Scientific Wrestler” with his technical skills, he would also use a number of high flying moves usually reserved for wrestlers much smaller than him.  Although the move his is most known for is the Abdominal Stretch, which he will be sure to employ against other Legends in your fed.

Wilbur Snyder joins Boris Malenko in the Tragos and Thesz Hall of Fame Set 4 expansion set that will debut July 21st at GalactiCon in Waterloo, IA along with GWF Origins 2139 and Impact Pro Wrestling 2.  Games will begin mailing in late July.