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Exciting updates for Champions of the Galaxy, Legends of Wrestling Card Game, Ring of Honor, and Chikara!

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  • Konnan Completes the Mexican Legends Prime Lineup for Q1 2020!

    Rounding out the lineup for Legends Prime in Q1 is Mexican Legend Konnan.  Before he entertained US audiences on Monday Night TV, the Cuban born Konnan started his career in Mexico.  Like many luchadors he wrestled under a mask and wore bright colors, which is something many of his later fans never witnessed.  This Legends […]

  • Filsinger Wrestling Games presents the “BEAT THE BUG” SHOWDOWN!

    Congratulations! You have been cordially invited to The Indoor Wrestling Game Event of the Year! The staff at Filsinger Games is doing their part to help the greatest community in the galaxy by staying safe indoors and having fun at the same time! Here’s how it works: We have put together five fun-filled tournaments for […]

  • The OPPRESSOR Arrives to Dominate the CWF

    The OPPRESSOR is coming, and he is one of, if not the most, powerful wrestlers in CWF history.  What brought him to the CWF and why does Zealos have a problem with him? The Oppressor is part of a four-man group that will make its presence felt in 2116.  He is a cruel competitor who […]