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Exciting updates for Champions of the Galaxy, Legends of Wrestling Card Game, Ring of Honor, and Chikara!

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  • Watch out for Private Eye in CHIKARA Aniversario pack!

    00 - Private Eye

    The early days of CHIKARA were marked by some very unique characters.  One of the more bizarre characters was CHIKARA’s resident detective, Private Eye.  His most distinguishing characteristic was of course the giant eyeball he has for a head.  If you could say one thing about Private Eye, it’s that he had no problem seeing […]

  • Universe Shatters Big Time When REGIME CHANGE 2133 Arrives!

    cotg regime change 2133 logo

    Champions of the Galaxy is on a roll. After 40+ expansions more exciting and popular than ever! Epic meta-story arc (“A Universe Shattered”) began with BLACK DEATH 2127 and continues with REGIME CHANGE 2133 coming in July! After the disruptions of Black Death and Future Shock things got even more unpredictable when Sly Drury returned […]

  • Crummels and Defarge Continue Their Roll in CHIKARA Aniversario Pack!

    Crummels and DeFarge

    The next duo to be included in the CHIKARA Aniversario 8-pack is the current Campeones de Parajes,  Cornelius Crummels and Sonny Defarge.  These “legitimate businessmen” came onto the scene in season 16 and quickly began to rack up points with their unique tandem offense.  Their only loss to date came during the CHIKARA tag team […]