The next wrestler joining Best of the Indies 2023 is the high-flying Alan Angels.  Angels got his start in his native Georgia after being trained by the incomparable AR Fox.  After a few years on the southern independents, Angels got his biggest exposure on national television in 2020 as part an infamous cult-like group that later became beloved by fans…not something you see that often outside of wrestling.  In 2022, Alan left the national promotion to head back to the indies full-time and elevate his profile against the best in the industry.  Since then Alan Angels can be found competing in a number of top independent promotions and garnering the accolades of fans for his incredible performances.  You can certainly say Angels’ bet on himself has paid off so far and there is no telling the further heights he can reach.

Alan Angels joins Richard Holliday and Titus Alexander in Best of the Indies 2023, an 8 card expansion set featuring the best names in independent wrestling today. Preorders for Best of the Indies 2023, FUTURE SHOCK 2118 and Legendary Ladies 3 will go on sale Mid-March with a release date in April.