Coming soon! It’s the third installment of our game editions based on the hit mobile game 80s Mania Wrestling!

We’re calling this one the 80s MANIA WRESTLING 8-PACK – PART III and it promises to be the biggest and baddest edition yet!

Since we’re going big we’ve decided to kick off our weekly roster reveals with none other than the American Gladiator himself…BuZZsaW!

His mic spots may be a bit out there, and his move set might be a bit limited, but it’s a guarantee that when this patriotic madman steps into the ring his opponent is at serious risk! Not to mention, the fans love him!

The addition of BuZZsaW brings another MAIN EVENT talent into your 8MW tabletop fed! Naturally there will be another main eventer included in this set…but what if we told you there will be FOUR total main eventers included?!

Stay tuned for more promos like this leading up to our December release date! And be sure to get caught up on all the awesome 8MW action by getting your hands on the first two game editions here: Part I and Part II.