Pro wrestling’s one true Bad Boy has arrived and he is ready to take over the show!

Joey Janela hails from New Jersey and has made a splash in his home state over the past year as part of CZW.  Known for his crazy risk taking and sour attitude, Janela has a huge following. Besides falling off of high places, Janela is best known for his back and forth feud with Lio Rush over the CZW Wired title this past year.  Now CZW game fans can recreate this much talked about rivalry.

Can the Bad Boy win the Wired title in your fed?  Who else will you put him up against?  CZW Set 4 begins mailing on October 31st.  Preorder the CZW Set 4 game now by clicking here.  Also available for preorder is Shimmer Volume 4, which is available here.