Most Bad Guys want to rule the entire fed. This Bad Guy wants to rule the entire world!

Here comes COBALT COMMANDER! Straight from his secret headquarters on Cobalt Island, the hooded one is here to begin his evil conquest in your 80s Mania Wrestling ring! How will the Good Guys react? And what will Dark Invader think about another top villain in the fed?

COBALT COMMANDER will be a part of the 80s Mania Wrestling 8-pack which also includes a totally awesome PDF handbook and PDF game charts of all types!

Want more info on the charts we keep mentioning? You’ve got it!

With the 8MW 8-pack you’ll get 80s Mania Wrestling themed Mic Spot charts, Skit charts, manager charts and more! Just because there’s only 8 cards included doesn’t mean this game edition isn’t jam packed with 8MW characters!

As if that weren’t enough, how about a PDF featuring the original Champions of the Galaxy charts? Since 80s Mania Wrestling is set back in the day when these charts were first designed, we encourage players to run their 8MW feds using these original game charts! It’ll be retrotastic!

On Sale Soon!