Haven’t we promised you exciting new game packs for cool Indie promotions? Well, look at what the windy city is blowing our way!

Filsinger Games is proud to announce its newest partner, Freelance Wrestling out of Chicago, IL.  Freelance Wrestling is a punk rock influenced Indie promotion that has made a splash in the past year with its unique presentation and rabid fanbase.  We are happy to partner with this exciting brand in one of the hotbeds of pro wrestling in the United States!

The first wrestler to be announced for this game edition is the Freelance Wrestling Champion, Isaias Velazquez. Isaias is the first and only champion the promotion has seen, winning the title in June 2015 in a 4-way match.  He continues to turn away all challengers to the title, but it’s going to be hard to hold onto the title with all the other competition in Freelance Wrestling!

The Freelance Wrestling game edition will feature 12 playing cards and will debut in March in Chicago and also be ready to ship to all Filsinger Games fanatics in Mid-March.  Keep watching for details and get psyched! Another awesome Indie promotion will be added to your game card collection!