Head bobbing his way into the newest Legends set is one of the more popular names of the late 90’s and 2000’s, D’Lo Brown!  Brown came to national prominence as part of a revolutionary faction on television.  He went onto hold multiple championships, including 2 major ones at the same time! D’Lo was also managed at one point in his career by Teddy Long, a pairing that Legends fans can now recreate.  Who will be the first one to feel the LO DOWN in your fed?

D’Lo Brown is coming to your Legends of Wresting fed this December. He joins Big Van Vader, Davey Boy Smith, Val Venis, Mr. Hughes, the James Gang, Fit Finlay and the Disco Inferno as part of Legends Expansion Pack V.  The 10th and final card is a new name to Filsinger games and will be a surprise for game fans when they receive their sets!

Preorders are now available for Legends Expansion Pack V, the Teddy Long Legends Commissioner card and the colorized version of GWF Invasion 2089!  To preorder now CLICK HERE.

Preorders made by December 16th will be mailed by December 17th.  Any Filsinger Games orders made between December 17 and 25th will be mailed on December 26th.