As announced at our last virtual convention, Filsinger Games will be testing a new virtual gaming concept, called Filsinger Games Game Night.  Our first Game Night will take place on Friday November 19th at 8:30PM Eastern.  Its free to attend and participate!

The event will be a big super card featuring matchups from all Filsinger Games game lines as chosen and played out by promoters.  If you and another game fan would like to challenge each other to a matchup on that evening, please email Todd “The Tournament Master” at with your proposed matchup that you and your opponent have agreed on.  Again, this can be from Champions of the Galaxy, Legends or Indies, as long as the card is represented in the Filsinger Games Online system.  Once the match is booked and announced, please feel free to build up the match with promos on the Filsinger Games Discussion Board.  Players will have the option to roll for themselves or have the moderator roll for them.

To register for the event as a player or just as an observer, please register at this link and you will get the login information emailed to you:

We’ll see you at the matches!