GCW mainstay, G-Raver, is the next name for the Indies Deathmatch set coming this Fall. His high-flying, high-risk style has earned him his share of fans out of the ring and enemies in the ring – none more so than set mate Jimmy Lloyd! In 2019, Lloyd nearly ended G-Ravers career in a tables, ladder, and chairs match. Over a year of recovery was necessary before he made his return to the ring. His blood feud with Lloyd is ultra-personal and won’t be over until Lloyd is maimed or G-Raver is retired. Of course, that didn’t stop the unlikely duo from taking the GCW tag straps before dropping them to the Second Gear Crew (Mance Warner & Matthew Justice). G-Raver’s lucha influenced deathmatch style has garnered him titles and tournament wins in addition to feuds and war wounds. How will he stack up in your fed, promoter?

Whether you kick off a deathmatch series with Jimmy Lloyd or find other worthy opponents, G-Raver will be a sick addition to your fed! Indies Deathmatch 2021, the Nick Gage Special Edition card, FUTURE SHOCK 2117, and the Legends 2021 Special Edition 4-pack are now available for pre-order HERE.