There are wrestlers who have the pain tolerance to be a death match wrestler, and there are wrestlers who have the size and strength to hit their opponents with big power moves, but there are very few people who combine both. Big F’N Joe is one of them. Perhaps most notable for his ring attire (an untucked white dress shirt and tie and a pair of tightie whities), Joe is the preeminent British death match wrestling superstar in the indie world today. Big F’N Joe may be a relative newcomer to the US Death match scene, but he has been wrestling all over the world for well over a decade. Joe has quickly made a name for himself and has been part of all of the most prestigious death match tournaments, and its a matter of time before he sees gold come his way.

Big F’N  Joe is the first of 8 cards in the Indies Death match 2023 game edition.  More names will be announced this week and in the coming weeks and cards will ship by late October.