And now Infinity is the biggest superstar on Kronos!

Infinity has ruled over the star of Regulus for 150 years and during that time the planet has thrived under his leadership. He is an awesome warrior, leader and hero. Infinity is the total package!

Infinity vs Infinity-Plex immediately becomes the biggest feud on Kronos!

“The war vs Infinity-Plex and his army of monsters has not gone on for over 75 years because it’s an even battle – because it is not. I will win on Kronos just like I win in the year 3000. Our war can rage on for another 75 years and nothing will change. I am Infinity. Infinity-Plex loses because he is a loser, never forget it.”

Infinity and Infinity-Plex are part of 2019 COTG Prime, which will be sent to subscribers in December along with a 3rd card announced next week.