The newest game edition in the Filsinger Game Independent Wrestling game series is based on the Impact Pro Wrestling promotion out of Iowa.  So far the only name announced for the set is IPW champion James Jefferies with his art being released at the Road to GalactiCon event in April.  The other 10 names and artwork for these wrestlers will all be revealed on this week’s Filsinger Games Roll Up podcast hosted by Sam Fain and Todd Joerchel.  Joining Sam and Todd will be Legends of Wrestling writer and Impact Pro Wrestling ring announcer Chad Olson to discuss all the names.

The cool part of this week’s podcast is that you can join in on the zoom room to find out the names live.  THe latest teasers and announcements for GalactiCon will also be discussed, including what you can expect to see in the auction.  The podcast will be recorded on Tuesday July 11th at 9PM Eastern.  To join in on the fun please register through this link: