The 4th man to be part of the upcoming Best of the Indies 2020 expansion set, is one of the most fearless wrestlers on the indies today, Matthew Justice.  The Ohio native has been wrestling on the indie scene since the mid-2000’s, but has really risen in notoriety last summer when a video of him driving an opponent off a balcony through a table went viral.  Jumping off high structures has become a calling card of Matthew Justice now.  While Justice is now being seen on the indie scene throughout the country, his home promotion is AIW in Cleveland, where he made his return in 2017 and now is both the AIW Absolute and Intense champion and is managed by the legendary Bill Alfonso.  Matthew Justice has always gone against the grain and the trends, and is now gathering a large fan following for it.

Matthew Justice joins Warhorse, Ace Austin and Alex Zayne in the Best of the Indies 2020 8-pack.  Preorders are now available for Best of the Indies 2020, Invasion 2090 and The Pitbulls Legends 2-Pack!  To preorder now CLICK HERE.

Preorders for all game editions will begin mailing by May 30th!