Musck is through with false identities in 2139!

Gone is the Loyalist. Gone is Death Knight.

Musck is a loose cannon that is fed up with what is going on in the Battle for Castilex. He is going in his own direction, but what is it?

His LOADED GLOVE move remains controversial and now he wants to use it even more! He will STRIKE FOR FREEDOM because he feels his freedom is being threatened. But by who? And why?

Musck will join forces with a team in 2139 but which team will it be, the Liberators or the Foundation? It will be one of the two, but which?

He will have a new partner that will join forces with him in his crusade for freedom. Who will it be?

Questions, questions, so many questions, and they will all be answered in a few short weeks when ORIGINS 2139 is officially released!

GWF Origins 2139 is now available for preorder, along with Tragos and Thesz Hall of Fame Set 4 and Impact Pro Wrestling Set 2. The new games will have a special pre release at GalactiCon in Waterloo, IA on July 20-23 and will begin mailing in late July to all customers.  To preorder all the new sets go HERE.

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