Roderick Strong has made a major name for himself in the wrestling world. He’s on top of several promotions and has won multiple world titles. To top it off some of his greatest successes have been recently in the EVOLVE ring! Known as the Messiah of the Backbreaker, Strong uses a variety of backbreaker variations, which often set up the opponent to tap out to his STRONGHOLD submission finisher, which puts even more pressure on the unfortunate opponent’s back!

Strong debuted in EVOLVE in 2014. He has had a major rivalry with EVOLVE champion Drew Galloway, culminating in a steel cage match won by Strong. Can Galloway get revenge against Strong in your EVOLVE promotion? We’re going to find out!

EVOLVE 2 will  begin mailing during the week of April 13 (along with the new CAC Reunion pack) and you can pre-order starting next Monday! Get your fed prepared for the big steel cage rematch!