These two outlaws are going to make waves in ORIGINS 2137, 0the latest expansion in the Champions of the Galaxy epic game series.
Scorn will adopt a new look in keeping with Shayne’s outlaw image. These two tough hombres will be battling all comers at sundown!
But what exactly is going on? Will Shayne and Sly Drury have a big blowout? If they do will Shayne and Scorn join forces with Endgame and the FDF?
The answers will shock you as new entanglements will emerge for Shayne and Scorn. Can you guess? It won’t be easy, the GWF is so unpredictable!
All the breathtaking answers coming soon with the imminent release of ORIGINS 2137 along with our other amazing game releases!
You can’t miss any of this game action! It’s just too good to be true.