The son of Irish immigrants, William Muldoon, showed a knack for strength athletics at an early age. Muldoon’s strength and conditioning formed the cornerstone of his championship run as World’s Greco-Roman Wrestling Champion – a title he never lost. One of the most famous and skilled grapplers of the pioneer era, in his post-retirement years, Muldoon was a noted trainer and responsible for instilling disciplines in many a young boxer and wrestler that would reverberate throughout the community for generations to come. His feats in and out of the ring earned him numerous accolades and a spot in multiple halls of fame. Muldoon even had a career with the New York Police Department – retiring as a detective in 1891. The Solid Man is a more than worthy addition to the Tragos-Thesz Hall of Fame Set II!

“The Nebraska Tiger Man” John Pesek was a ferocious hooker with incredible strength that was only outdone by his cat-like agility and dexterity in the ring. Pesek might be best known to wrestling historians as a “policeman” for Ed “Strangler” Lewis. The Tiger Man had no qualms breaking the rules and bodies to ward off illegitimate challengers and fellow hookers looking to injure the champ or deciding not to cooperate in the ring. Of course, Pesek was also known for not always being the most cooperative wrestler to work with. In fact, records indicate he never won or lost either of the prominent titles he held – being awarded and stripped of each at different points in his career. Regardless of his temperament or brutality, Pesek is recognized as one of the greatest wrestlers of his era and is a deserving entry in the Tragos-Thesz Professional Wrestling Hall of Fame Set II.

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