Tempest and Hyla are joining the AniMen in ORIGINS 2137! What will Wolf and Monolith (to say nothing of Kill Prey and Shann-Ra) have to say about it?
Tempest and Hyla are a brother and sister pair that have been summoned to the GWF by the Supreme Council of Andromeda. Buy why? What’s the emergency?
The two new AniMen can live and breathe in water as well as on land. In fact that will help them with awesome wrestling moves like HIGH TIDES and LOW TIDES!
Tempest will face an incredible challenge in ORIGINS 2137 as Burning Man is going after him! Yes, a battle of water vs. fire! But who is sending Burning Man to “burn” Tempest and why?
The questions rage as ORIGINS 2137 is set for release in July! All the drama in sneak previews so far but still not the MAIN STORY and there’s also the ultra cool and utterly unique DELUXE PACK that will include BONUS MATERIALS!
Champions of the Galaxy just can’t be beat! Still going strong, still improving, still innovating after all these years.
A TEMPEST is coming your way, a veritable tsunami with ORIGINS 2137! Catch the wave this summer! Preorder is available now HERE.