Desperate to move forward and turn the focus off of Quest and back onto himself and FTR, Commissioner Sonny Rocket announces a new movement he calls “The Future of Wrestling is Here!” campaign.
What exactly is The Future of Wrestling is Here campaign? Commissioner Rocket has sent his top scouts to the top independent wrestling feds all over the galaxy in search of the best young wrestlers in the cosmos. And soon some of the very best will be offered contracts to join FTR! Meet brand new FTR wrestlers like WORKRATE and SPLASH when you receive FTR: SCREWJOB. “The Future of Wrestling Is Here in FTR!” proudly exclaims Rocket.
But that’s not all! Sonny Rocket has even more tricks up his sleeve! In addition to The Future of Wrestling Is Here campaign, Commissioner Rocket has hired the top blacksmith in the galaxy to design brand new state-of-the-art championship title belts for the beginning of the new year!
Sonny Rocket is doing everything in his power to grab back the attention he feels he deserves and make fans forget about Quest and the murder mystery. Will it work?
FTR: Screwjob, Legends Expansion VII, Women of the Indies 2021 and the brand new Ringside Companion are all available for preorder now.  Orders with preorder items will begin shipping in mid-December.