The Princess Diana of British Wrestling, Jetta is joining the Women of the Indies – International Edition expansion set. Jetta is the current reigning Pro-Wrestling EVE champion, having captured the title in a rumble match at Wrestlequeendom 4 in August of 2021. But her journey began at the age of 15 in the Midlands of England. Her nearly 20-year career has seen her compete worldwide, including in the early days of SHIMMER as part of the International Home Wrecking Crew with Lacey and Rain. Jetta has held titles for Bellatrix, IPW: UK, and, of course, Pro-Wrestling EVE, to name a few. All the accolades in the ring, though, almost come second to her ability on the mic. A known talker, Coventry’s Loudest, has been able to whip a crowd and opponents into a frenzy before, after, and yes, during her matches. Jetta’s title win sealed the deal to place her on top of the throne of women’s wrestling in the UK with fan support firmly in her corner.


“Charlie, Charlie, Charle F’N Morgan” – so go the chants of crowds standing in awe of Fearless Charlie Morgan. A decade into a career that began when Morgan was 19, she has captured quite a following with gutsy performances, a heart on her sleeve persona, and some astounding aerial feats. Suicide dives – check, wall-crawling arm drags – check, ladder dives – check, 20-foot balcony dives – check and check. Charlie has been emblematic of the promotion she calls home, Pro-Wrestling EVE. Her victory in the very first SHE-1 tournament earned her the title of the Ace of EVE, and shortly after, she reached the pinnacle by capturing the Pro-Wrestling EVE championship in the main event of the very first Wrestlequeendom – the biggest all women’s wrestling shown UK history. Morgan’s career has not been without bumps in the road, however. Hot off the heels of a victory over the one and only Mercedes Martinez in her very first SHIMMER match, Morgan suffered an ankle injury the next day. After extensive examinations, it was determined she would have to retire. Charlie gave a tearful goodbye speech to an equally emotional crowd at Wrestlequeendom 2, and 2019 closed with the idea that we’d seen the last of Charlie Morgan in a wrestling ring. Flash forward two years, and the final match of Wrestlequeendom 4 was set to see a mystery “gambler” enter the fray. A dedicated EVE fanbase was ecstatic when the gambler was revealed to be the ACE! She’s back and joining the rest of the amazing women announced for the Women of the Indies – International Edition. Be Brave – Be Fearless – Be You.

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