Australian Jessica Troy is the next name coming to the Women of the Indies International Edition! Trained by the one and only Madison Eagles, Troy has made quite the name for herself in a seven-year career. She’s just shy of her 25th birthday, mind. Troy has appeared for SHIMMER and CHIKARA in the states and shared the ring with Kellie Skater, Britt Baker, and Thunder Rosa, to name a few. She also participated in the 2018 King of Trios with partners Shazza Mackenzie and Madison Eagles. Splitting her career between her native Australia and the US, Troy has picked up her share of titles, including the top women’s championship of PWA Black Label (Formerly Pro Wrestling Australia), which she carried for 730 days. Troy is a fantastic wrestler with ample mat skills and high-impact moves to spare, but it’s her dreaded Fujiwara Armbar that opponents have to be on the lookout for. At her age and with her experience level, the sky’s the limit for The Arm Collector.

Add Jessica Troy to your fed, promoter, when the Women of the Indies International Edition drops this December! Pre-order for this set, Legends of Wrestling Expansion VIII, and FTR 3 will begin on Black Friday!