Vizir and the Castilex team are going for broke in ORIGINS 2139!

The plan is to purge their planet of all outsiders and they are recruiting PURGE to assist them in their goal!

Purge is a powerful female warrior that is fiercely loyal to the Foundation’s cause! She will be giving headaches to Lady Grand Master, Killer Queen, Storm, and Bulldoze!

Purge’s BORDER CONTROL finisher and deadly offense may catapult her to the top!

THERE WILL BE SHOCKING NEW DEVELOPMENTS IN THE BATTLE FOR CASTILEX! What will they be? Which team will come out in front?

The universe-shaking answers await in ORIGINS 2139 due soon! Order early so you don’t miss the action!

GWF Origins 2139 is now available for preorder, along with Tragos and Thesz Hall of Fame Set 4 and Impact Pro Wrestling Set 2. The new games will have a special pre release at GalactiCon in Waterloo, IA on July 20-23 and will begin mailing in late July to all customers.  To preorder all the new sets go HERE.

If you are attending the GalactiCon in person and would like to preorder your sets, enter the coupon code GALACTICON at checkout to avoid shipping fees.  Please only use this code if you will be picking up your games in Iowa on July 20-23.