The next wrestler in our lineup for Indies Prime Q3 is another wrestler who has a regular tag team partner in Filsinger Games…in fact he has two!  Tre’ LaMar is a member of the 40 Acres team in Absolute Intense Wrestling with AJ Gray (Best of the Indies 2020) and PB Smooth (Indies Prime 2018), and was trained in the AIW school by Johnny Gargano and Candice LeRae.  Although he has regularly teamed with AJ Gray outside of AIW as well, Tre’ is now starting to break out as a singles star.  His incredible acrobatics and fighting spirit have certainly caught the eyes of fans in recent months.  At only 23 years old LaMar has a very bright future ahead of him and big things are certain to come his way as he continues to gain experience.  Will you book Tre’ LaMar in tag team action or will be be in the next top prospect scramble in your indie fed?

Stay tuned next Wednesday for another tag team in the Best of the Indies Tag Team 2020 set, and in 2 weeks for the final wrestler in Indies Prime Q3.