Hailing from Abruzzo, Italy, Ilio DiPaolo traveled to South America, where he picked up wrestling from a legendary figure in the business before eventually arriving in his adopted home of Buffalo, New York. DiPaolo’s road to wrestling stardom was nearly over before it even began – he suffered an attack of polio as a boy. He credited the prescribed conditioning rehabilitation program with helping him develop the strength to compete in professional wrestling.

DiPaolo’s wrestling career took him to all the significant territories, but it was the Toronto area where he truly made his mark. At one point, DiPaolo was a co-holder of the Canadian tag titles for the better part of two years over multiple reigns – even teaming with fellow LOW talent Billy Red Lyons to hold those belts. He squared off with Lou Thesz numerous times, their final encounter in a 60-minute draw for the richest prize in the game – both men scoring one fall apiece. No stranger to title shots, DiPaolo also challenged Dick Hutton on multiple occasions. Ilio tagged with several other LOW stars like Johnny Valentine, Bobo Brazil, and set-mate Yukon Eric and squared off against names like the Fabulous Kangaroos, Buddy Rogers, and Killer Kowalski.

An ankle injury forced him into retirement in 1965. Still, Ilio impacted the Buffalo community through his famed restaurant and continual support of high school wrestling programs and scholarship funds. Sadly, Ilio was struck by a car in 1995 and died at the age of 68.

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