Straight from his father’s outlaw mud-show promotion in Lexington, KY, Lanny Poffo is the next name announced for the Memphis-themed Legends of Wrestling Expansion VIII. Lanny and his brother, Randy Savage, brought “Poffo-mania” to Memphis in 1984 and immediately made their mark in a brutal feud with the Rock ‘N’ Roll Express – going so far as to piledrive Ricky Morton through a ringside table – in 1984! Lanny also tangled with Eddie Gilbert over the International Championship, went up against Jimmy Valiant, and even engaged in a feud over the tag titles of the promotion with set-mates the Fabulous Ones. Sir Lanny had a flair for the dramatic, entering the ring in a suit of armor, carrying a sword, and, yes even then, reciting poetry on occasion. Though his tenure was a short one, the Poffo’s were a hot attraction in Memphis after their father’s outlaw promotion closed its doors – teasing the potential of an invasion from a competing promotion – a true rarity in the territorial days.

Lanny Poffo is the last announced name for the latest and greatest Legends of Wrestling expansion. The 2021 Filsinger Games Holiday Releases are now available for Preorder! You can order Legends of Wrestling Expansion VIII, FTR: Screwjob, Women of the Indies – International Edition, and the mammoth Ringside Companion right now HERE.