Its pretty rare when a 20 year old wrestler has nearly a decade of experience, but that is the case for the California born phenom Starboy Charlie.  Charlie began wrestling school at the age of 11 knowing that being a pro wrestler was his dream despite his young age and small size, but his passion and determination was not to be denied.  Charlie is certainly the underdog in most matches he competes in, but his high flying and mat wrestling skills are certain to change the minds of wrestlers and fans doubting his chances.  Starboy Charlie has taken the West Coast Indie scene by storm competing for the top promotions throughout the area, has also wrestled multiple times on the East Coast in high profile matches and even recently making his first appearance on National television.  There is no telling the heights that Starboy Charlie will reach in the wrestling business.

Starboy Charlie joins Richard Holliday, Alan Angels and Titus Alexander in Best of the Indies 2023, an 8 card expansion set featuring the best names in independent wrestling today. Preorders for Best of the Indies 2023, FUTURE SHOCK 2118 and Legendary Ladies 3 will go on sale Mid-March with a release date in April.