Mulkey Brothers
If there were a category for the greatest enhancement tag team of all time, the Mulkey Brothers would likely take the top spot. Real-life brothers Randy and Bill teamed together to put over talent like the Sheepherders, the Midnight Express, the Road Warriors, and the team of Jimmy Valiant and Manny Fernandez. But now and then, the Mulkeys would find themselves on the winning side of things against lesser – if it were possible – opponents. With their bleach blond hair, pasty skin, and bodies that looked like they’d never seen the inside of the gym, they were the perfect foil for the top teams of their era – or any era, for that matter. However, there’s no doubting their skill at getting the job done.

The Mulkeys Brothers join Mike Jackson and Keith Steinborn in the Legends Enhancement 4-Pack 2022, which is now available for preorder along with War Games 2092 Reimagined and Best of the Indies 2022.  These new editions are projected to mail on May 31st. To preorder, visit the Filsinger Games Shop.