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Exciting updates for Champions of the Galaxy, Legends of Wrestling Card Game, Ring of Honor, and Chikara!

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  • Marcus Alexander Bagwell Will Boost Tag Division in LEGENDS 14!

    Marcus Alexander Bagwell is coming to LEGENDS 14 to join his tag team partners, Del Wilkes and 2 Cold Scorpio! Bagwell had tag team success with both men, which team will make it to the top of the rankings first? Will he split his time with both teams, or will he strike out on his [...]

  • Jay Lethal Gets Dangerous in ROH: FINAL BATTLE 8-Pack!

    Last week we showed you awesome teaser art for Matt Sydal, now meet his opponent at Final Battle, the reigning Ring of Honor TV Champion – JAY LETHAL! Who will win at Final Battle? Who will win this classic match-up in YOUR ROH fed? Who can contain all the excitement? Find out when you receive your [...]

  • Rockin’ Robin Will Rock Women’s Circuit in LEGENDS 14!

    Rockin’ Robin will make her LWF debut in LEGENDS 14 and she’s looking to challenge all of the lady legends! The popular Robin hopes to use her FLYING BULLDOG to gain victories. Robin has battled the likes of Sheri Martel and Judy Martin for the top women’s championships in wrestling in the past. Will they [...]