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Exciting updates for Champions of the Galaxy, Legends of Wrestling Card Game, Ring of Honor, and Chikara!

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  • Harbinger Reveals he is Eydilon in Future Shock 2131!

    Finally we are being introduced to the man Harbinger was BEFORE he was possessed by Black Death. The name is EYDILON and he’s going all out! It turns out Eydilon now claims he hails from the darkest planet in the cosmos, Brymstone. Eydilon is forming a deadly new GWF team called DOOM. Who are the [...]

  • Jock Samson Leads the Moonshine Revolution in Upcoming Olde Wrestling Pack!

    The Appalachian Outlaw himself, Jock Samson, is coming to the Olde Wrestling game to ensure all the fans have plenty of hooch to celebrate with!  While Jock is beloved by fans, he has caught the ire of the Legislators of Anti Saloon Land, who are looking to hold up the Prohibition Laws of the day and [...]

  • Tag Team Champions are Ready to go To Infinity and Beyond in AIW Pack!

    The reigning AIW tag team champions Cheech and Colin Delaney, better known as To Infinity and Beyond, are the latest duo to join the Absolute Intense Wrestling game.  They join Absolute Champion Rickey Shane Page and Intense Champion Davey Vega to round out the roster of champions in the set. Colin and Cheech are both upstate [...]