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Exciting updates for Champions of the Galaxy, Legends of Wrestling Card Game, Ring of Honor, and Chikara!

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  • Princess Kimberlee’s Reign in the CHIKARA game begins!

    Coming this September is the 14th expansion to Filsinger Game’s CHIKARA series!  The set will be named in honor of the crown jewel of the CHIKARA calendar, King of Trios! However, it isn’t a king that kicks off the set, but rather a princess!  Princess Kimberlee has taken CHIKARA by storm over the past 2 [...]

  • The Three Will Reunite in 2132. But Why?

    Sur, Bex, and Ghena will be joining forces again in 2132. That’s pretty amazing considering that 2131 was an intense year of feuding between Sur and Bex. What is going on? In fact, Eydilon will join forces with Balaal as a tag team called the Harbingers of DOOM to battle Sur and Bex. This Black [...]

  • Red Talon Tests Waters for AniMen Team in 2087!

    Shades of 2087 — Red Talon is here! This feisty AniMan paved the way for the famous AniMen of Andromeda team of lore that is still populating the GWF today. Red Talon had an inauspicious debut, struggling to survive in the early days of the breaking of the Galactic Code. He had minor feuds against [...]