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Exciting updates for Champions of the Galaxy, Legends of Wrestling Card Game, Ring of Honor, and Chikara!

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  • CHIKARA Owner Robbie Ellis to Join Aniversario Pack!

    00 - Robbie Ellis

    Back in 2014 when CHIKARA was in the midst of a year long shut down at the hands of the Titor Conglomerate, the promotion was put up for sale.  It was at that time that art collector and fomer CHIKARA competitor Robbie Ellis purchased the promotion and brought it back to the Chikarmy!  While Ellis […]

  • Rumblebees Look to Sting CHIKARA Tag Team Division!

    Solo Darling

    The CHIKARA tag team division has always been a strong part of the promotion with classic teams like the Colony, Osirian Portal, and FIST dominating for years.  Now a new crop of tag teams has emerged in CHIKARA and the future looks bright.  While many of the headlines have been stolen (literally at times) by […]

  • Watch out for Private Eye in CHIKARA Aniversario pack!

    00 - Private Eye

    The early days of CHIKARA were marked by some very unique characters.  One of the more bizarre characters was CHIKARA’s resident detective, Private Eye.  His most distinguishing characteristic was of course the giant eyeball he has for a head.  If you could say one thing about Private Eye, it’s that he had no problem seeing […]