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THE BUZZ: GalactiCon & Wrestling Geek Fest set for Aug 14-16 in Cleveland! More info here.

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Exciting updates for Champions of the Galaxy, Legends of Wrestling Card Game, Ring of Honor, and Chikara!

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  • Barbi Hayden Set to Top the Inspire Pro XX Division

    For the first name in the new Inspire Pro Wrestling game, we are dropping a bombshell…literally!  The beautiful and dangerous Barbi Hayden is set to dominate the Inspire Pro women’s division, appropriately called the “XX Division”.  The Malibu, California native was a holder of the NWA Women’s championship for over a year.  Although she no [...]

  • COTG Live Event and Documentary Update

    On April 19 the COTG Live Event Coordinators, Jeff and Todd, got together with event host, Louden Noxious, to film some final pieces for the COTG Live Event DVD. The footage for the Live Event and the documentary have been edited are are in the process of having graphics and effects added to provide a [...]

  • Inspire Pro Wrestling Joins the Filsinger Games Lineup

    Filsinger Games is pleased to announce the newest promotion to join the lineup of independent wrestling promotions under its umbrella, Austin, Texas based Inspire Pro Wrestling. Inspire Pro Wrestling was formed in 2013 to bring quality wrestling to the state of Texas, an area with a great wrestling history. The promotion features some top indy [...]