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Exciting updates for Champions of the Galaxy, Legends of Wrestling Card Game, Ring of Honor, and Chikara!

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  • Red Talon Tests Waters for AniMen Team in 2087!

    Shades of 2087 — Red Talon is here! This feisty AniMan paved the way for the famous AniMen of Andromeda team of lore that is still populating the GWF today. Red Talon had an inauspicious debut, struggling to survive in the early days of the breaking of the Galactic Code. He had minor feuds against [...]

  • COTG 30th Anniversary: Early Champions of the Galaxy Newsletters Uncovered!

    The earliest COTG newsletters have recently been found!  These four newsletters, which predate the beloved Club Galactica Super Report, were created and sent out by Tom Filsinger himself (the final document in conjunction with promoter Mark Ashby).  Prior to Club Galactica, Tom distributed these newsletters periodically to promoters who wrote him with match results, federation [...]

  • RPG Vice Looks to Shake Up ROH Tag Division!

    The last two cards in the Ring of Honor Best in the World 6-pack are one of the most exciting tag teams in the US and Japan, RPG Vice! Also known as Roppongi Vice, after the popular night club area of Japan, Barretta and Rocky Romero have taken the Ring of Honor tag team scene [...]