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Exciting updates for Champions of the Galaxy, Legends of Wrestling Card Game, Ring of Honor, and Chikara!

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  • Tom Talks Creative Process as he Writes FUTURE SHOCK 2131

    Tom has been hard at work lately writing the latest and greatest installment of Champions of the Galaxy – FUTURE SHOCK 2131! This game comes on the heels of the stunning events in 2130 that saw legendary GWF characters from a parallel universe invade the GWF. Guys like Chaos, Mandrill, and Vengeance, to say nothing [...]

  • Will Lance Hoyt Rule the Inspire Pro Ring?

    You’ll find out soon when the new INSPIRE PRO WRESTLING game pack is released in early June! Inspire Pro Wrestling represents the best of the Texas wrestling scene. When it comes to the BIGGEST wrestlers in Texas they don’t come any bigger (literally and figuratively) than Lance Hoyt! Lance Hoyt played college football at Texas [...]

  • Jessica James & Delilah Doom Will Join Inspire’s XX Division!

    On Sunday, May 31, Inspire Pro Wrestling will be crowning their first XX Division champion, featuring the best of their exciting women’s division.  The championship will be decided in a 3-way final, which Filsinger Games fans will be able to play when the new Inspire Pro Wrestling game pack is released! In addition to the [...]