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THE BUZZ: GalactiCon set for Aug 14-16 in Cleveland! Watch for details...

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Exciting updates for Champions of the Galaxy, Legends of Wrestling Card Game, Ring of Honor, and Chikara!

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  • Here’s What’s Great About Being a Wrestling Manager

    Especially a heel manager. It lets you vent your dark side, your total arrogance and vanity. My career as a wrestling manager began in 2006 in Detroit, Michigan. Filsinger Games was promoting at the Motor City Comic Con and an indie show was scheduled right there in the main hall. One of the wrestlers on [...]

  • Chris Hero a Heroic Addition to Evolve Game!

    The latest addition to the Evolve roster is a heroic one! It’s the former Evolve champion Chris Hero! The man from Metropolis has worked throughout the world with many major promotions, but has saved some of his best outings for the Evolve ring. This veteran will bring his full arsenal of striking moves to the [...]

  • Drew Galloway Leads the Way in New EVOLVE Game Pack!

    EVOLVE Champion Drew Galloway leads the roster for EVOLVE 2! After last year’s monumental debut of EVOLVE in the Filsinger Games lineup of wrestling games, some may think it’d be hard to follow up on the great roster in the starter set. But EVOLVE 2 is going to come through! It’ll feature one big name [...]