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Exciting updates for Champions of the Galaxy, Legends of Wrestling Card Game, Ring of Honor, and Chikara!

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  • Peter Kaasa’s Will Stay Active in the Wrestling Ring in EVOLVE 4

    00 - Peter Kassa

    EVOLVE Wrestling had some sad news this week, as one of its most dynamic performers is set to miss significant time due to a recent injury. While fans will unfortunately not be able to watch Peter Kaasa wrestle in an EVOLVE ring in the near future, Filsinger Games fans will be able to continue his […]

  • Getting to the Top of EVOLVE Takes All Ego!

    00 - Ethan Page

    The third name in the EVOLVE 4 game edition will be happy to let you know that he is EVOLVE’s biggest star! Its “All Ego” Ethan Page.  Page is an accomplished wrestler, who started his career in Canada, but has taken the US indies by storm the past few years.  But it’s on the mic […]

  • Darby Allin Set to Take Risks in EVOLVE 4

    00 - Darby Allin

    The newest name in the EVOLVE 4 game edition is a wrestler who has made a big name for himself over the past year in the EVOLVE ring.  Darby Allin has become one of the most popular wrestlers on the EVOLVE roster with his never say die attitude and willingness to take the highest risks […]