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Exciting updates for Champions of the Galaxy, Legends of Wrestling Card Game, Ring of Honor, and Chikara!

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  • Caw! Caw! Xyberhawx 2000 Fly Into the Chikara Game!

    The flyest team of the new millennium join the Filsinger Games CHIKARA roster in the Young Lions pack.  That’s right, 2017 rookies Razerhawk and Sylverhawk will be part of this epic set highlighting the new young talent from the Wrestle Factory that will be leading the Chikara roster for years to come. This dynamic duo […]

  • Too Salty! Hermit Crab and Cajun Crawdad Come to the CHIKARA Game!

    The next duo to join the CHIKARA Young Lions expansion set are the crustacean team of the Hermit Crab and Cajun Crawdad.  Representing the waters of Maine and the Bayou these two have clawed their way through the competition the past few years.  Hermit Crab joined the storied lineage of Young Lions Cup champions this […]

  • CHIKARA Young Lions set kicks off the 2018 Filsinger Games releases!

    Happy New Years from Filsinger Games!  To kick off 2018 the right way we are happy to announce that later this month we will release the newest game edition for CHIKARA, entitled Young Lions.  The Young Lions Cup is the longest running honor in CHIKARA, and this past year saw the most Young Lions Cup […]