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Exciting updates for Champions of the Galaxy, Legends of Wrestling Card Game, Ring of Honor, and Chikara!

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  • Bring in the Clowns! Brothers of Funstruction Coming to Freelance Game Pack!

    We’re not clowning around! Freelance Wrestling has some outlandish characters, but perhaps the oddest are the tag team of Yabo the Clown and Ruffo the Clown. Once a rival of Yabo the Clown, Ruff Crossing donned the clown makeup and joined forces with Yabo as Ruffo the Clown, forming the tag team of the Brothers of [...]

  • 80s Mania Wrestling Pack Now Ready to Order!

    Our new totally radical 80′s themed game edition is based on the 80′s Mania Wrestling Mobile App by Checkmate Creative. You’ll receive 8 wrestler cards featuring a mix of popular 8MW characters! Each wrestler has its own Filsinger Games style move set as well as an additional 80s Mania Wrestling inspired MIC rating and POP [...]

  • Robert Anthony Brings His Ego to Freelance Wrestling Game!

    Freelance Wrestling brings the best wrestlers in the Chicago scene together for their punk rock wrestling shows.  One wrestler who has made a big reputation in the Chicago Indie scene is 15-year veteran of the squared circle, “The Ego” Robert Anthony.  Now he is one of the top stars of Freelance Wrestling and Anthony isn’t afraid [...]