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Exciting updates for Champions of the Galaxy, Legends of Wrestling Card Game, Ring of Honor, and Chikara!

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  • Premiere Wrestling Xperience’s Most Colorful Wrestler Comes to PWI Set…Case Closed!

    The past few weeks we have spotlighted wrestlers in the Pro Wrestling International set from CWF Mid Atlantic and NOVA Pro Wrestling, now its time to highlight PWX, the Premiere Wrestling Experience.  PWX is gaining some notoriety in the Indy wrestling world and so are many of the wrestlers in the promotion, especially on platforms […]

  • Andrew Everett Joins CWF Mid-Atlantic Roster in PWI Game!

    When it comes to high-flyers from the North Carolina area, few can match the abilities of Andrew Everett.  Andrew started in the wrestling business at a young age, being trained by his father who also founded OMEGA Championship Wrestling.  When he joined CWF Mid-Atlantic, he originally donned a mask and was called the Chiva Kid. […]

  • Filsinger Games T-shirts Available From Fully Gimmicked!

    Filsinger Games is proud to announce that it is working with pro wrestling apparel company Fully Gimmicked to release a number of awesome T-shirts for Filsinger Games fans.  It’s been a while since Filsinger Games has regularly offered T-shirts, and now with its partnership with Fully Gimmicked fans have a variety of sizes, colors and […]