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Team Sea Stars are Coming to Indies Prime!

As chosen by the fans, the Indies tag team that will be part of Legends Prime in Q4 2019 is Ashley Vox and Delmi Exo, Team Sea Stars!  This sister duo has been a fan favorite in the Northeast Independent scene for years, but now is getting more notoriety on the national level.  In November 2019, they reached a new height dethroning wrestling veterans Mercedes Martinez and Cheerleader Melissa to capture the SHIMMER tag team titles, ending their nearly 1 year reign!  What will this fun loving duo accomplish in your indie promotion?

Indies prime Q4 cards will be mailed in December at the same time as our other holiday releases Legends Expansion Pack V and Invasion 2089.  You can order the Indies prime cards and any Promoter Prime cards at any point and receive cards for the whole year’s lineup.  To order visit HERE.

Indies Prime Q4 2019 Cards Announced!

To close out the 2019 Indie wrestling card releases for Filsinger Games is the last 3 cards in the Indies prime subscription service.  Fans voted for 2 of the 3 cards in a tag team poll and Team Sea Stars, Ashley Vox and Delmi Exo, won the poll and will have cards released for the first time.  The 3rd card is another first time card release for Filsinger Games, Jake Atlas!

Although a relative newcomer to the independent wrestling landscape, Jake’s background in cheerleading and gymnastics allowed him to turn heads of fans all over his home state of California. An impressive showing in the Northeast in the Spring of 2019 opened up opportunities across the country and internationally, winning the adoration of audiences both in and out of the ring.  Atlas trained at the Santino Bros school which also produced Brody King and Ray Rosas.  If the rumors are true then Jake may begin being seen by even more fans worldwide in a major promotion in 2020.

Indies prime Q4 cards will be mailed in December at the same time as our other holiday releases Legends Expansion Pack V and Invasion 2089.

SPRING FEVER is Coming on April 20 With 3 Game Releases!

Did you think our holiday releases were great? THEY WERE! But how about celebrating game releases again this spring! 2016 is a big year for Filsinger Games with the 30th anniversary of Champions of the Galaxy coming this summer. But the party starts early in April with the release of our Spring Fever package! We have 3 new releases that Filsinger Games fans will be excited to see! First is EVOLVE 3, the latest expansion set for the great independent promotion and also one of our most popular games. This 8-card set will feature some of the best technical fighters on the international wrestling scene today! As if that’s not good enough, there’s CAC REUNION 2016, our second game edition honoring the Cauliflower Alley Club, the Fraternal Order of Professional Wrestling! 6 CAC luminaries will be immortalized in this game edition and the game pack will see cialis and viagra reviews its official release on April 11 at CAC Reunion 2016 in buy pain pills online pharmacy Las Vegas! It’ll truly be a blazing spring with the release of the second 80s MANIA WRESTLING game pack, based on the popular app from Checkmate Creative. 8 more wild and wacky 80’s pop culture influenced wrestlers are on the way to add to your growing 80s Mania Wrestling fed! generic cialis canada Totally radical! All 3 games will be available for preorder on March 28, with games mailing by April 20. Filsinger Games Spring Fever. pharmacy tech degree online it’s infectious! Watch for sneak previews on Twitter and Facebook leading up to release! BEST GAMING SPRING EVER!  

Suge D Bounces His Way into the Freelance Wrestling Game

He’s part wrestler, part baller, and 110% milk chocolate in a swaggeriffic shell. He is Suge D and his best online for viagra sildenafil citrate 20 mg is making waves in

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the Freelance Wrestling ring. Many fans know his fun loving ways, but the competition viagra online pharmacy reviews in Freelance Wrestling has brought out Viagra his vicious side, and he has responded with some great performances in the quest to be the top man in the promotion. He hasn’t tasted championship gold yet, but its only a matter of time. How will Suge D fare in viagra and pharmacy online viagra coke your cialis v viagra fed? Will he challenge Isaias Velazquez for the Freelance Title right do u need a prescription for viagra away? Or do you have different plans for the ballhog so fresh he sweats Febreze? Get ready, Freelance Wrestling game debuts in March!

Freelance Wrestling Game Debuts in March!

Haven’t we promised you exciting new game packs for cool Indie promotions? Well, look at what the windy city is blowing our way!

Filsinger Games is proud to announce its newest partner, Freelance Wrestling out of Chicago, IL.  Freelance Wrestling is a punk rock influenced Indie promotion that has made a splash in the past year with its unique presentation and rabid fanbase.  We are happy to partner with this exciting brand in one of the hotbeds of pro wrestling in the United States!

The first wrestler to be announced for this game edition is the Freelance Wrestling Champion, Isaias Velazquez. Isaias is the first and only champion the promotion has seen, winning the title in June 2015 in a 4-way match.  He continues to turn away all challengers to the title, but it’s going to be hard to hold onto the title with all the other competition in Freelance Wrestling!

The Freelance Wrestling game edition will feature 12 playing cards and will debut in March in Chicago and also be ready to ship to all Filsinger Games fanatics in Mid-March.  Keep watching for details and get psyched! Another awesome Indie promotion will be added to your game card collection!




Who is This Imposing Figure and What Does He Find So Disturbing? You’ll Find Out With 80s Mania Wrestling!

It was the 1980s. Pro wrestling and pop culture were at their peaks. And a man named Tom Filsinger started his own game company.

Fast forward to the present day.

Filsinger Games teams up with Checkmate Creative to present the 80s Mania Wrestling 8-pack!

Based on the colorful world of characters and concepts featured in the mobile game “80s Mania Wrestling,” the 8MW 8-pack allows Champions of the Galaxy and Legends of Wrestling fans alike to take a nostalgic trip back to the 1980s and run their own federations inspired by pop culture’s greatest decade!

Just wait until you see what’s in store for this totally awesome new game pack!

You’ll receive 8 wrestler cards featuring a mix of popular 8MW characters! Each wrestler has it’s own Filsinger Games style move set as well as an additional 80s Mania Wrestling inspired MIC rating and POP rating!

How will these new ratings work? You’ll find out when you also receive the MIC SPOT chart and SKIT chart! And yes, you can use these new cards and charts with any of your other Filsinger Games cards and charts! Everything is compatible!

As  if that weren’t cool enough, with the 8MW 8-pack you’ll also get PDFs of the original Filsinger Games charts! Of course you’ll also receive a PDF handbook that includes character bios, move descriptions and more 80s Mania madness!

Please note that all wrestler cards will be mailed to buyers while the new charts and handbook will be sent via email in PDF form.

How will Dark Invader fare against Champions of the Galaxy legends like Wolf and Star Warrior? You’ll find out!

End of January 2016


Arrival of Joey Daddiego Completes House of Truth in ROH Game!

The House that Truth Martini built just got stronger! At first ROH fans got to know Joey Daddiego as the hulking Head of Security who was impossible to miss. As he maintained order in ROH, breaking up brawls and patrolling ringside, you couldn’t help but notice him. It seemed ROH was in safe hands as long as Joey Daddiego was on the case. cialisfromcanada-onlinerx But recently, we’ve seen an new side to Daddiego – a slightly less honorable side. In addition to his credentials as a bouncer and security guard, Joey Daddiego is a fully trained professional wrestler. sildenafilgeneric-bestrx Truth Martini realized the compass-3 sildenafil potential of a Joey Daddiego alliance and got there first, slipping

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the big guy cash to keep him on the side of The House of Truth. And Joey Daddiego is more than happy to serve and protect Lethal and Martini. At least…for now. The House of Truth can’t wait for you to book Dijak and Daddiego vs. the Briscoes this winter! Preorder the newest ROH game edition with our other holiday releases for Chikara, Legends of Wrestling and Champions best dose of cialis to take of the Galaxy. Games will be shipped by December 14!

Legends Gets FANTASTIC with Bobby Fulton and Tommy Rogers!

Watch out LWF! Bobby Fulton and Tommy Rogers are ready to climb to the top of the tag rankings!

They’ll have lots of scores to settle with feuding enemies like the Midnight Express, Sheepherders, and Steve Williams and Ted DiBiase already in the game. But with the high-flying skills of the Fantastics, you’d be foolish to bet against them. Fulton and Rogers won tag gold in many different promotions, so they mean business!

The Fantastics will bring a stellar tag team to Legends as Filsinger Games officially closes out the classic black and white card era! Celebrate with us in Fantastic fashion by pre-ordering on Sunday, November 22. Legends Final Chapter, as well as ALL our holiday releases, will begin mailing on December 14. It’ll be the most Fantastic holiday of all time!



Wild Bull and Flying Fred Bring Curry Madness to Legends!

Hard to believe they were actually related.

“Wild Bull” Curry is coming to Legends Final Chapter and he’s taking on all comers! One of the originators of the hardcore style of wrestling, “Wild Bull” Curry is a former 20-time holder of the Texas Brass Knuckles Championship! Curry has been called a “walking riot,” even beating up wrestling fans that attacked him! “Wild Bull” Curry feuded with another notorious hardcore legend, the original Sheik! Who will win their battle in your fed?

Amazingly his son was a clean-cut athletic star, “Flying Fred” Curry. His high-flying aerial style made him popular with fans and he was a very successful tag team wrestler, winning titles with wrestlers like Bobo Brazil and Billy Red Lyons, to say nothing of a two-year title run with his father, “Wild Bull” Curry. What a wild tag team the Curry’s will be in the LWF!  “Flying Fred” was so over with the fans that he was named PWI Most Popular Wrestler of the Year in 1972.

It’s insane, but “Wild Bull” Curry and “Flying Fred” Curry are coming in Legends Final Chapter in December! What an amazing final tribute to the Filsinger Games black & white era of game cards!

Blind Rage to Join Nightmare Warriors in Chikara Immortals Pack!

Blind Rage has a long history with Chikara dating back to the very first show.  In the early days he formed a faction with the Nightshift, Hallowicked and Ichabod Slayne.  After an on and off Chikara career he finds himself partners once again with Hallowicked on the Nightmare Warriors team that is taking part in Challenge of the Immortals!

The Forgotten Monster, was resurrected a few years ago by his sometimes rival and sometimes partner UltraMantis Black.  Hallowicked, in his war against Mantis, has turned Blind Rage against him again.  Will the undead monster help the Nightmare Warriors gain immortality?

The big Chikara Immortals 8-pack will begin mailing on December 14 and you can pre-order on November 22! This holiday season will be a game-playing dream…with some nightmares thrown in!