The Little Blue Dragon

Tootie Lynn is coming to the Best of the Women Indies 2022! The St. Louis native is a trained martial artist with a 1st-degree black belt. The skills she honed in the dojo have also served her well in the ring. Less than five years pro, Lynn has already shared the squared circle with such

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The Kick Demon

Janai Kai is the next name announced for the Best of the Indies Women 2022. With a hard hitting array of kicks at her disposal, Kai’s martial arts background is often on full display in her matches. Only 4 years a pro and already battling back from a broken neck a couple of years ago,

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Big Starkz Brand

Billie Starkz may be young, but she's already made quite the name for herself on the indies. Crediting legends like Necro Butcher and Barry Windham, to name a few, for inspiring and teaching her early on, Starkz has stepped into the ring with names like Deonna Purazzo, Masha Slamovich, and Shotzi Blackheart - who bestowed

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Live Roll Up Podcast with Impact Pro Wrestling Roster Reveal on Tuesday July 12th 9PM EDT!

The newest game edition in the Filsinger Game Independent Wrestling game series is based on the Impact Pro Wrestling promotion out of Iowa.  So far the only name announced for the set is IPW champion James Jefferies with his art being released at the Road to GalactiCon event in April.  The other 10 names and

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Radrick Or Riot

Spencer, Indiana native, Cole Radrick is a technical wrestling standout. Of course, he hasn't let that define him - Cole has participated in numerous death matches as well! Suge D, Kevin Ku, Alex Colon, and Mike Bailey are just a few of the names Radrick has shared the ring with. Radrick has crisscrossed the country

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Here Comes The Judge

EJ Nduka is currently reigning as a tag team champion with partner Calvin Tankman in a national promotion - and that's clearly just the beginning for this superstar in the making. 6'8", 290lbs, Nduka is pure power and speed. A former college football standout with a 4.5 40-yard dash and professional bodybuilder leg pressing a

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The Bounty Hunter Comes to Prime

"The Bounty Hunter" Bryan Keith is coming to Indies Prime in Q2! Houston, Texas native Bryan Keith is hot off the heels of a breakout year in 2021 and ready to take on all-comers in your indie fed, promoter. Keith is a multi-time champion in Texas and spent his early career honing his skills in

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Prepare to get "Outlandish", promoters! Zicky Dice is joining the Best of the Indies 2022 expansion set! One of the most unique personalities on the indie scene has made a name for himself with national exposure from multiple promotions and garnered the attention of fellow Filsinger Games alum Brian Myers and squared off with names

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The Rocketwheel

The high-flying, hard-hitting native of Sacramento, California, Jack Cartwheel is one to watch on the indies scene. With his "Thunder Thighs and Hydraulic Bi's", Cartwheel has rolled through competition with notable promotions on the west coast, in Mexico, and one of the biggest national indies going today. Cartwheel has developed a truly unique skill set

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The Suplex Assassin

A collegiate wrestler and submission specialist, Alex Kane is bringing his crushing arsenal of suplexes to your indie fed, promoter! Kane trains hard to punish his opponents in the ring and give them a one-way ticket to suplex island. Kane's impressive strength and explosive power are nearly unmatched - possessing an impressive 500lb deadlift without a

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